Below is a current list of items your generous donations can help fund. To download a PDF click here.

For Our Grief Support Programs Through Our Supportive Program Centre

Books And Resources For Our Lending Library

$25 Each, Various Needed

Our resource library provides access to books and resources about grief and loss, death and dying, and coping strategies, words of hope, and so much more. Each donation of $25.00 will help the Langley Hospice Society to purchase one of these important resources for the Resource Library at our Supportive Program Centre with access for clients of all ages, caregivers, service providers and the general public.

Punching Bag


Our team works hard to provide opportunities $350.00 for clients to identify and explore healthy outlets for big feelings and emotions. This is a tool that can be utilized for all age levels.

Grief…Feeling Your Way Through – A Mini Resource for Clients

$4 Each, More than 1,000 per year = $4,000 Annually

These are small pocket-sized books that have been a valuable resource for our clients. We would every new adult client to receive a copy when they access support through LHS and to have them available for the public.

Hot Chocolate/Coffee/Tea and Snacks

$100 Per Month

Coffee and snacks are offered for all of our support groups,  support groups, drop-in coffee groups and other per month peer support activities hosted for all ages at our Supportive Program Centre.

Fort Langley Rowing – Activity Fees for Group Participants

$500 Per Group

Activity-based programming for adults, provides social and emotional connection through peer supported activities that allow participants to try something new and build trust and rapport in a safe and supported environment. (Groups of 15)

Annual Funding For An Additional Adult Bereavement Staff Member

$65,000 Annually. This includes benefits and ongoing training and supports for staff and volunteers.

With the increased need for services, clients are waiting longer for intakes & access to one- to-one support. We would like to access annual funding for an additional team member for our Adult Bereavement Program. This would help ensure quicker access to support & services for individuals who have experienced the death of a significant person in their lives & help provide additional training & support for the volunteers who assist in providing these services.

Training for Bereavement Program Volunteers

$250 Each

Provides a 5-week(15-hour) training & $200.00 EA Program Volunteers resources for volunteers interested in assisting with the provision or one-to-one, & group loss support programs and home visits.

Updated Computer & Software for Our Supportive Program Centre


Updated technology and equipment for the development and delivery of grief support programs and services, community education and training available in-person, and virtually as needed.

New Data Server


Our program centre is in dire need of a Technology update. Funding would allow the purchase of stand alone server with off-site back-up to support data storage, and ongoing work of Langley Hospice Society Staff & Volunteers.

New Lap Top


A new laptop would be utilized by an additional program team member for developing  workshops & training, email and correspondence, one-to-one appointments via Zoom, etc., to respond to client needs.

For Our Child & Youth Grief Support Programs

Slack Line


Small ropes course tool for outdoor play that can help with balance and emotional regulation for children and youth of all ages.

Extreme Air Park, Zoo Trip, Otter Outdoor Experience, Al Anderson Pool, Bowling, Rowing, Rock Climbing/High Ropes Course

$300 per Activity

We use art, recreation and activity-based programming to provide meaningful support for children and youth. These types of peer supported activities help provide social and emotional connection and allow participants to participate in something new and build trust in safe and sup- ported environments where they can explore and share the difficult thoughts and emotions around their grief. (Group sizes of 15)

Children’s Books and Resources

$25 Each, Various Titles Needed

Our children’s program uses age-appropriate books and resources that talk about death, grief and loss, and the big feelings that can accompany these journeys. Each donation of $25.00 helps to purchase important tools for this program.

Equipment for Outdoor Play

$50 (Various)

Various equipment for outdoor play with our Kids Connect peer support groups, and other recreation and play-based activities. Balls, skipping ropes, outdoor games, badminton, etc.

For Our Doug and Fran MacDonald Langley Hospice Residence

Bath Robes for Spa Room, Size: Sm, Med, Lg, XL, Unisex Colours

$75 Each

Keeping warm is important and cozy robes can be used by the residents when they are using the spa room, after enjoying a warm bath and in transfer-ring back and forth to their rooms.

Comfortable Bedding for the Sofa-Beds in Patient Rooms, for Caregivers and Family Members

$150 Each

Comfortable bedding for caregivers and family members who are spending the night on the pull-out couches in the patient rooms. Looking for blankets, sheets, pillows and pillow cases for 10 patient rooms.

Piano Music for the Living Room/Lounge

$25 Each

We’re in the process of replacing the piano in the living room at the residence and we’re looking forward to having music for our music program volunteers, and for visitors and residents, particularly during the holidays.

Comfort Care Items for Patients and Families

Items need to be new, and sealed if disposable. Various Amounts

Fuzzy socks, slippers, brush and comb, hand lotion, chapstick, small desk clocks, pencil crayons, pens and pencils, note pads, and other items that can be on hand for patients and families when they need them.

Cotton Fabric – Various

Various – Any Amount

Our sewing group is creating placements, gowns, bibs, pillow cases, and tray covers for our residents and their families—to bring a little touch of home to their rooms.

Training and Support for a Palliative Support Volunteer

$300 Each

Provides 10 weeks of hospice basic training (30hrs), materials, ongoing support for volunteers to provide companionship & support for palliative patients in hospice, at home, & in the community.

Art Supplies

Various Amounts

We need ongoing stock for our art cart, for use by residents and families at the hospice residence. We need items like craft kits, paper, markers, glue, stickers, adult colouring books, etc.,

Honorarium for Guest Speakers & Additional Training for Our Palliative Support Volunteers

$150 Each

These funds help us to access specialized education and training opportunities, and guest speakers for our palliative support volunteers. Topics can include feeding training, relaxing touch, compassionate listening, dementia training, spiritual wellness and more…

Yoga Mats, Lighting and Other Inspirational Items for Our Spiritual Wellness Space

Various Amounts

We are looking for supplies and materials to outfit our spiritual wellness space so that it will feel welcoming to any or all who use it at the hospice residence.

Comfort Care Items for Patients and Families

Various – Any Amount

Slippers, cozy socks, face cloths, moisturizer, magazine subscriptions, reading glasses, eye-glass cleaning cloths, and other individual sized sundry items.